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Capital Tape provides professional tapes for every scenario

Capital Tape is an industry leader in providing structural spacer tape, compressible glazing tape, residential glazing tape, ultra-high bond tape, weatherstripping tape, polyethylene tape, mounting tape, and other pressure-sensitive adhesives.

Why do clients stick with Capital Tape?



Perfect 5/5 Rating

As our 5 out of 5 customer star rating indicates, we are committed to providing you the highest level of service.


Super Fast Turnaround

Yes— 97% of Capital Tape orders ship out within 48 hours of ordering, no matter what tape is ordered.


Same Day Shipping

Whether a stock order or custom product request, 58% of all orders ship out THE SAME DAY.


Commitment to Quality

We are as flexible as our tape, but the one thing that will never waiver is our dedication to quality.

And that’s just the beginning…

We believe in listening to each customer and reacting accordingly.

Strong, reliable, and always at your service


We offer professional tapes for any scenario and are proud to boast industry-best turnaround times.

Capital Tape Industrial & Residential Tapes


Regardless of your need or project, Capital Tape has the perfect pressure sensitive adhesives for your application. Our inventory includes foam tapes made from PVC, polyethylene, acrylic, rubber-based, and acrylic adhesives, paper and plastic liners, and one or two-sided products. 

Structural Spacer Tapes

When you’ve got a lot riding on the structural integrity of your project, Capital Tape’s structural spacer tapes are tough, dense, and virtually invincible.

Compressible Glazing Tapes

Ideal for cushioning, vibration dampening, sound dampening, and weather stripping, Capital Tape’s compressible glazing tapes are tougher than polyethylene foam.

Weatherstripping Tapes

For applications requiring ultra-compressible foam that has to flex, form, and seal gaps on uneven surfaces, trust Capital Tape’s low-density weatherstripping tape.

Residential Glazing Tapes

Capital Tape’s residential glazing tape is designed to form strong bonds to residential doors and windows, and engineered to perform as long-term gaskets.

Ultra High-Bond Tapes

Need to bond metal or plastic to glass or ceramic tile? No problem— regardless of surface, heat, or humidity, Capital Tape’s ultra high-bond tape is exceptionally strong.

Polyethylene Mounting Tapes

Capital Tape’s polyethylene mounting tapes are perfect for permanent mounting of posters or POP displays and are chemically safe for mirrors, glass, and more.

Not sure what tape you need?

No sweat— we’ll help you through it!

Capital Tape routinely ships material within a day. Additionally, they will ship to our customers from their plant, which improves [our] delivery performance. 

We highly recommend Capital Tape!

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A family business, since 1990


We treat every customer and every order the same— the way WE would want to be treated.

Industries Capital Tape Serves


For over 30 years, we’ve been dedicated to serving a wide range of industries, delivering the highest quality adhesive products that meet and exceed the expected level of performance. However, it’s our personal approach and dedicated level of service that elevates Capital Tape to be the trusted, chosen provider of pressure-sensitive adhesives, structural spacer tapes, and slit tapes to critical industries like these…


Offering automotive tape for replacement and sealing of metal rivets.


Supplying commercial tape for storefronts, curtain walls, and other projects.


Providing custom width tape for precise detailing of muntin bars and more.


Create the desired sound for acoustic panels, door seals, and more.


Create air-tight seals for weatherstripping, showers, baths, and more.

Log Homes

Capital Tape carries premium low-density foam tape for log cabin sealing.


Mounting tape that makes mirrors, signs, and POP displays easy and strong.


Capital Tape also supplies protective films and bond breaker tapes. Ask us!

Capital Tape is here to serve you.


We’re a rare blend of large company capability and small company personal response. When you contact us, you get us— the same, real people you see in our photos and videos.

We’re ready to help answer any questions you may have, and find a solution to any need that arises.


How can we serve you today?

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