Polyethylene Mounting Tape


The 9228 Polyethylene Mounting Tape from Capital Tape is a closed-cell polyethylene foam designed for tear-resistance and easy removal.

Closed-Cell Foam Tape
9228 Rubber Adhesive Foam Mounting Tape

1/8” thick polyethylene closed cell foam coated both sides with a permanent rubber-based adhesive available in white or black

  • Protected by a durable, polycoated densified kraft liner.
  • Liner specifically designed to provide tear resistance and easy

Download the 9228 Foam Mounting Tape data sheet (PDF)

Loop Tack (Stainless Steel) PSTC-16-Method A

12.0/12.0 lbs/in

Peel Adhesion 1 mil. PET Backed
(30 min. dwell – stainless steel)
PSTC-101-Method A ​ 12.0/12.0 lbs/in
Tensile (MD/CD)​ ASTM-D882​

145/105 lbs/in

Elongation (MD/CD)​ ASTM-D882

339% / 308% lbs/in​

Shear Resistance – 1 kg PSTC-107-Method A

75+ hours to fail

Service Temperature Application   50° F to 150°F
Service Temperature Use
  0°F to 180°F

These are approximate values and do not constitute a warranty. It is the customer’s responsibility to determine these products fitness for use in the intended end use application. Test data contained herein is believed to be reliable and it is not stated as, or to be taken as, a specification of these products.

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9228 Polyethylene Mounting Tape

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