Ultra-High Bond Tape

4400 Series 

This translucent, structural-grade acrylic tape is designed to provide superior bond between a wide variety of surfaces.

Ultra-High Bond Tape (UHB)
4400 Series Solid Acrylic Foam

Translucent, (white liner) structural grade solid acrylic tape designed to provide superior bond between a wide variety of surfaces. The tape combines a high tack acrylic adhesive on both surfaces with a core of solid acrylic polymer. The tape exhibits excellent performance under a wide range of environmental conditions including exposure to fuels and chemicals.

  • Long life performance and high bond strength.
  • Solid acrylic core for superior strength.
  • Flexible & compressible, conforms to intricate shapes.
  • Will not absorb moisture.
  • Maintains adhesion at sub-zero temperatures.
  • Instant pressure sensitive bonding.
  • Will not harden or become brittle with age.
  • Excellent weathering properties; non-staining.
  • Isolates and dampens vibration and shock.

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Tensile Strength

ASTM D412 Die C 

200 psi
Elongation ASTM D412 Die C 500%
Peel Adhesion

ASTM D3330 

5.2 N/mm 

Dynamic Shear Strength

ASTM D3163 

620 kPa

Chemical Resistance (Cleavage Peel)

15.1 N/mm 

3 Days @ RT 

FLTM BU 112-02 Method C

12.9 N/mm 

Unleaded Gasoline – 1 hr. 


10.5 N/mm 

Diesel Fuel – 1 hr. 

10.9 N/mm 

Water Immersion – 240 hrs. 

Installation Service Temperature Range 50°F to 100°F
Service Temperature Range

 -30°F to 200°F 

Meets Requirements of

Chrysler – MS-12194 Type C 

Ford – WSB-M3G138-B 


GM – GM3802M Type XIV 

Mazda – MES PA 50680 


Mitsubishi – ES-X61165 

Nissan – M8506 (1999-N) 

These are approximate values and do not constitute warranty that products are fit for a particular purpose. The customer is advised to fully determine the suitability of these products for his intended use. These products conform to published specifications, if any, and the products are merchantable. Test data contained herein is believed to be reliable but unless specifically stated are not to be taken as specifications for products. 

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4400 Series Ultra-High Bond Tape

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