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Protective Films

Capital Tape’s offers a line of high-performing temporary protective films that keep a long list of different surfaces and materials safe in any environment, and remove easily without leaving a trace.

Available Capital Tape Protective Films

Easy-to-use, clean-to-remove Protective Films

Our Protective Films include pressure-sensitive and rubber adhesives, polyolefin and polyethylene films, designed to protect a wide range of substrates.

✅ Polyethylene film
✅ Medium tack
✅ 12 mos. outdoor use
✅ Wide material protection
✅ Easy removal

✅ UV polyethylene film
✅ Great for bends & curves
✅ Curtain wall/automotive
✅ One-piece removal

✅ 4 mil UV polyolefin
✅ Rubber adhesive
✅ Indoor/outdoor use
✅ Metals/laminates
✅ Stainless removal
The Industry Standard Protective Film Line

Capital Tape provides the three leading protective films on the market today. Our CT309BU polyethylene film, which is a medium-tack film, protects steel, metal, textured glass, plastic, polycarbonate, & more smooth or textured surfaces in indoor or outdoor environments for up to a year.

Our CT181 protective film is a pressure-sensitive adhesive, coated white UV stabilized polyolefin film. Designed for protection of curtain walls and automotive for protection during transit and storage, it remains intact over bends and extreme curved surfaces, applying evenly with resistance to edge peeling. Clean, stain-free, removes in a single piece. 

The CT5335 protective film is a 4 mil UV polyolefin film coated with a rubber adhesive system. It is specifically designed for surface protection on a variety of surfaces during the laser cutting process, including matte steel, brushed stainless steel, anodized, aluminum, PVC, polycarbonates, decorative laminates and many more.


Substrate protection

Transport protection

Curtain walls/windows

Automotive protection

Also from Capital Tape


Capital Tape’s full adhesive product line includes single- and double-sided PVC, polyethylene, acrylic, and urethane foam tapes, rubber-based and acrylic adhesives, paper and plastic liners, and more. 

Structural Spacing Tapes

Tough, dense, practically indestructable. Custom cut to any size to order.

Weatherstripping Tapes

Ultra-compressible, flexes, forms, and seals gaps on uneven surfaces.

Ultra High-Bond Tapes

Bond nearly any two materials together with exceptional strength.

Residential Glazing Tapes

Form incredibly strong bonds to residential doors and windows.

Compressible Mounting Tapes

Cushioning, vibration dampening, sound dampening, and more.