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Since 1990, Capital Tape Company has proudly served our customers with leading service and delivery. A big company feel that is family-owned and serves each customer with a personal touch that leaves a lasting impression. We don’t over-complicate— we cut tape!

Hit play and hear from our team why Capital Tape is different from our competition.


The Capital Tape Promise


At Capital Tape Company, we pride ourselves on our leading service and delivery. From order to in-hand in days, not weeks. We ALWAYS promise…

• Timely Answers to Your Questions
• Technical Support
• Production Size Samples
• Lot-to-Lot Consistency

• Testing at Independent Laboratories
• Performance and Quality
• Complete Traceability

The Capital Tape Golden Rule


Capital Tape is a family-owned, customer-centric business that believes you treat your customers how you want to be treated.

The Capital Tape Mission


To operate our business to be completely honest and sincere with our customers, suppliers, and people, to build sustainable, mutually respectful, and beneficial relationships.

Core Values



Value the support of our customers, employees, suppliers, trading partners, advisors in growing our business in the most profitable and ethical manner.


Focus on profitable results while increasing flexibility and adaptability.


Relentlessly prioritize safety in the workplace for everyone across the Capital Tape organization.


Remember that failure is never an option at Capital Tape.


Remain customer service-oriented and always treat customers, suppliers, trading partners, and other employees in a courteous, appreciative, and respectful manner.


Be relentless in our pursuit to constantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness in everything that we do.


Pride ourselves on our understanding of our customer’s products along with their wants and needs.


Be relentless in our passion to seek new ways to better serve our customers.


Always be committed to providing employees with the best possible opportunity for personal and professional development based on their skills/expertise.


Always provide a safe, comfortable, and progressive workplace where problems can be discussed and resolved in a mutually respectful manner.


Provide our employees wages and benefits that are fair and competitive based on their skills and contributions.

Endless flexibility, unwaivering support


For over 30 years, we have been providing standard-sized and custom-cut pressure sensitive adhesives and slit tapes for our customers, with a level of personal touch that, while it may have been common decades ago, has become our differentiator today.

The Capital Tape Leadership


The Capital Tape constant in a rapidly digitizing and remote-working world is our personal care. We’d like you to meet the people that you talk to and work with when you call or message us. Introducing the Capital Tape family!

Andrew Small | President Capital Tape | About Capital Tape



Katie Small | Co-owner & COO | Capital Tape | About Capital Tape



Amanda Small | Inside Sales Executive | Capital Tape | About Capital Tape


VP of Operations

Matthew Sanders | Director of Production | About Capital Tape


Director of Production


Lead Producer

Donyelle “D”

Maintenance Manager

Capital Tape is an excellent company. They have a great team, offer excellent industry expertise and unparalleled service. I recommend Capital Tape to all of our customers.

Valerie J.

A Midwest Architectural Firm

We’re here to serve you.


When you reach out to us, you get us— the same, real people you see in our photos and videos.

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(216) 292-3455
(Toll Free 1-888-888-TAPE)
Mon – Fri: 8am – 4:30pm