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Glazing – Curtain Wall and Storefront

For over 30 years, Capital Tape has been supplying the construction and architectural industries with critical, custom-cut glazing tapes and adhesives critical in the building of curtain walls and storefronts.

Premium Architectural Glazing Tape


Curtain walls are typically aluminum or steel frames with infills of glass panels and are applied as an outer layer of a building to protect it from external elements. Curtain walls do not actually bear any weight from the structure. Over the years, the curtain wall industry has seen innovative creative designs and changing environmental standards. Today there is a wide range of products being used in the curtain wall industry.

For architectural glazing applications like storefront glazing, Capital Tape offers a full line of silicone compatible glazing tape products. We also offer light density PVC foams for hollow metal and storefront glazing and sealing gaps. 

Capital Tape’s compressible glazing tapes provide the necessary support needed for your unique glazing systems.

Curtain Walls

Recommended Products

VK Series Structural Spacer Glazing Tapes

Compatible with DOW, GE, and other major silicones, Capital Tape’s structural spacer tapes are strong, versatile, and eliminate the need for costly urethanes.

✅ Heavy density
✅ Closed-Cell PVC foam
✅ Virtually invincible

Storefront Glazing

Recommended Products 

Low-Density to Medium-Density Storefront Glazing Tapes

These tapes range from low-density glazing tapes to medium-density glazing tapes, which provide high flexibility and conformability while maintaining perfect seals with nearly indestructible strength.

✅ Low density
✅ PVC foam
✅ Single-side adhesive

✅ Medium density
✅ A.A.M.A. Certified 810.1-92
✅ PVC foam
✅ Single-side adhesive
✅ Medium density
✅ A.A.M.A. Certified 810.1-92
✅ PVC foam
✅ Double-sided adhesive
✅ Plastic Liner

Protective Film

Recommended Products

Capital Tape’s Premium Line of Protective Films and Tapes

Capital Tape offers pressure-sensitive and medium-tack protective film, as well as laser-cutting film protective tapes. All are highly protective yet easy and clean to remove.

✅ Polyethylene film
✅ Medium tack
✅ 12 mos. outdoor use
✅ Wide material protection
✅ Easy removal

✅ UV polyethylene film
✅ Pressure-sensitive
✅ Great for bends & curves
✅ Curtain wall/automotive
✅ One-piece removal

✅ 4 mil UV polyolefin
✅ Rubber adhesive
✅ Indoor/outdoor use
✅ Metals/laminates
✅ Stainless removal

I needed 5 rolls overnighted. One call to Capital Tape and I received them next day at no additional charge.

Aaron R.

Michigan Automotive Plant

Also from Capital Tape


Capital Tape’s full line of structural spacer tapes, urethane foam tapes, plus rubber-based and acrylic adhesives, and more. 

Structural Spacer Tapes

Tough, dense, practically indestructable. Custom cut to any size to order.

Weatherstripping Tapes

Ultra-compressible, flexes, forms, and seals gaps on uneven surfaces.

Ultra High-Bond Tapes

Bond nearly any two materials together with exceptional strength.

Residential Glazing Tapes

Form incredibly strong bonds to residential doors and windows.

Polyethylene Mounting Tapes

Perfect for permanent and safe mounting of posters or POP displays.