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Acoustics Sound Dampening & Soundproofing

Reduce sound pressure and limit unwanted noise and sound waves from bouncing through spaces. Capital Tape’s extensive product line ensures that your project achieves the desirable acoustics. 

Soundproofing, Cushioning, and Dampening

Reducing the sound pressure is important to limit unwanted noise and limit sound waves from bouncing through spaces. Sound dampening foam prevents sound waves from bouncing off hard surfaces and absorbs the sound waves.

Capital Tape’s PVC foams are used to improve acoustics by aiding in the application of acoustic panels and as weatherstripping to seal doors.

Using acoustical PVC foams helps maximize space while limiting noise omission. It is used to restrict sound from bouncing around buildings which would make the space echo and loud. Acoustic or sound dampening foam is also ideal for residential use, for either blocking out sound from the outside or keeping sound inside your home. Our recommended tapes are strong, resilient foams, and are easy to apply. These products are helpful for homes, apartments, studios, vocal booths, and more.

Recommended Products

Recommended Soundproofing Tapes

These low density PVC foam tapes from Capital Tape are ideal for sound proofing, sound cushioning, sound dampening, and other acoustics control needs.

✅ Low density
✅ PVC foam
✅ Single-side adhesive

✅ Ultra-low density
✅ PVC foam
✅ Single-side adhesive

✅ Low density
✅ PVC foam
✅ Single-side adhesive

✅ Medium density
✅ A.A.M.A. Certified 810.1-92
✅ PVC foam
✅ Single-side adhesive

I needed 5 rolls overnighted. One call to Capital Tape and I received them next day at no additional charge.

Aaron R.

Michigan Automotive Plant

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Capital Tape’s full line of urethane foam tapes, plus rubber-based and acrylic adhesives, paper and plastic liners, and more. 

Structural Spacer Tapes

Strong, dense, virtually bulletproof. Custom cut to any size to order.

Weatherstripping Tapes

Ultra-compressible, flexes, forms, and seals gaps on uneven surfaces.

Ultra High-Bond Tapes

Bond nearly any two materials together with exceptional strength.

Residential Glazing Tapes

Form incredibly strong bonds to residential doors and windows.

Polyethylene Mounting Tapes

Perfect for permanent and safe mounting of posters or POP displays.