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Capital Tape carries a full line of pressure sensitive adhesives for all of your project applications needs, including PVC foams, polyethylene foams, ultra-high bond tapes, protective file tapes and more. Each is available in multiple thicknesses, cut to your preferred width, and is available with single- or double-sided adhesive.

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Structural Spacer Tapes

When you’ve got a lot riding on the structural integrity of your project and need tape quickly, Capital Tape’s structural spacer tapes are dense, and virtually invincible.

Compressible Glazing Tapes

Ideal for cushioning, vibration dampening, sound dampening, and weather stripping, Capital Tape’s compressible glazing tapes are tougher than polyethylene foam.

Weatherstripping Tapes

For applications requiring ultra-compressible foam that has to flex, form, and seal gaps on uneven surfaces, trust Capital Tape’s low-density weatherstripping tape.

Residential Glazing Tapes

Capital Tape’s residential glazing tape is designed to form strong bonds to residential doors and windows, and engineered to perform as long-term gaskets.

Ultra High-Bond Tapes

Need to bond metal or plastic to glass or ceramic tile? No problem— regardless of surface, heat, or humidity, Capital Tape’s ultra high-bond tape is exceptionally strong.

Polyethylene Mounting Tapes

Capital Tape’s polyethylene mounting tapes are perfect for permanent mounting of posters or POP displays and are chemically safe for mirrors, glass, and more.


Can I get samples sent to try before I buy?

Always! Capital Tape is happy to provide samples of any product you’re interested in. You can request samples here or by calling 1-888-888-TAPE.

What kinds of tape does Capital Tape supply?

Light density PVC foams for weather stripping, sound deadening, vibration dampening (V710-black; V810- gray Adhesive One Side). Medium Density PVC Foams for glazing, gasketing and sealing (V1510, single coated, V1520 double coated). Ultra-High Bond tapes and high performance mounting tapes for mounting, cladding and attaching (CT4400, WC4400, CT4740, 9218, 9230, 9244). Heavy density urethanes for structural glazing (V2100, V2200) Low- density, polyurethane double coated foam tape for residential glazing (5100 & 5200 Series).

Do you provide product for mock-up testing?

Yes! Capital Tape provides production length rolls for mock-up testing.

What is the lead time for products not in inventory?
This depends on the material needed, but average lead time is 2 weeks. We will work with our suppliers to make sure all orders are filled in a timely manner.

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