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Residential Glazing Tapes

Capital Tape offers residential glazing tapes for vinyl and cladding windows that are available cut to any size in roll form or high volume die-cut shapes.

Available Residential Glazing Tapes


A.A.M.A. Certified 810.1-92

Exceptionally Strong Residential Glazing Tapes

Capital Tape’s residential glazing tapes are polyethylene foam with adhesive on two sides. Standard and non-standard widths available.

✅ Polyethylene foam ✅ Double-sided adhesive ✅ Indoor or outdoor use ✅ AAMA approved ✅ Choose black or white
✅ Polyethylene foam ✅ Double-sided adhesive ✅ Indoor or outdoor use ✅ AAMA approved ✅ Choose black or white

Residential Glazing Tape Available Cuts

Standard (1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ wide)

Non-Standard (3/16″, 5/16″ wide)

Custom Request

Residential Glazing Tape Lead Times

Standard (up to 54 cases):
1-2 business days

Non-standard/custom request:
3-5 business days

All times are general estimated. Special circumstances and holidays can affect these.

The Industry’s Top Residential Glazing Tape

A.A.M.A. Certified 810.1-92

Capital Tape Compressible Glazing Tape

Capital Tape’s cellular glazing tapes are designed to form ultra-strong attachments to residential windows and doors of all shapes and sizes. Along with their exceptional strength upon application, they’re engineered to perform as long-term gaskets. The superior adhesive systems are designed to meet a variety of end use requirements. 

All Capital Tape residential glazing tapes used in the production of residential windows, whether they are wood, vinyl, or aluminum, are 100% silicone compatible and Approved under AAMA 810.1-92.

Capital Tape also has a line of foam tapes for attaching grids to glass (muntin bars).

Indoor and Outdoor Residential Glazing Tape

Available in black or white. Blue poly-liner.

Capital Tape residential glazing tapes are exceptionally strong, used in the production of wood, vinyl, and aluminum residential windows, are silicone compatible and AAMA-approved.

These foams offer excellent resistance to weather, fungi, and oxidation.

Available Thicknesses:

0.03125″ thick, Residential Glazing Tapes

0.0625″ thick, Residential Glazing Tapes

0.125″ thick, Residential Glazing Tapes


Residential Glazing

Vinyl Glazing

Cushioning & Vibration Dampening

Also from Capital Tape


Capital Tape’s full adhesive product line includes single- and double-sided PVC, polyethylene, acrylic, and urethane foam tapes, rubber-based and acrylic adhesives, paper and plastic liners, and more. 

Structural Spacing Tapes

Tough, dense, practically indestructable. Custom cut to any size to order.

Weatherstripping Tapes

Ultra-compressible, flexes, forms, and seals gaps on uneven surfaces.

Ultra High-Bond Tapes

Bond nearly any two materials together with exceptional strength.

Compressible Glazing Tapes

Cushioning, vibration dampening, sound dampening, and more.

Polyethylene Mounting Tapes

Perfect for permanent and safe mounting of posters or POP displays.

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