Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of tape does Capital Tape supply?

Light density PVC foams for weather stripping, sound deadening, vibration dampening (V710-black; V810- gray Adhesive One Side). Medium Density PVC Foams for glazing, gasketing and sealing (V1510, single coated, V1520 double coated). Ultra-High Bond tapes and high performance mounting tapes for mounting, cladding and attaching (CT4400, WC4400, CT4740, 9218, 9230, 9244). Heavy density urethanes for structural glazing (V2100, V2200) Low- density, polyurethane double coated foam tape for residential glazing (5100 & 5200 Series).

Do you have cross-reference charts for products and competitive offerings?

A cross reference chart for the glazing tapes is available upon request.

Can I get samples sent to my customer to try in their application?

Yes! The easiest way is to use our fast, 24/7/365 samples request form here. You can also email, fax or call in the request as well, and a sample will be sent within 48 hours.

Do you provide product for mock-up testing?

Capital Tape provides production length rolls for mock up testing.

Do you have staff in-house that can answer questions for me or recommend products?

Yes – Staff is available to answer questions on the products and can recommend products for an application. Call us during business hours at 1-888-888-TAPE or email us at

I am having a problem with my product. Do you have any advice or solutions?

Yes – Please check out our troubleshooting page here

Can you supply a guide spec for your products for contract specifiers?

Yes, a guide spec for the glazing tapes is available in the Resources section of the website.

Do you have a product catalog I can supply to my customers?

Yes – There is a general notebook with an overview of all the products and an Architect’s Notebook developed specifically for glazing contractors and architects.

What is your lead time for products not in inventory?

This depends on the material needed, but average is two weeks. We will work with our suppliers for you to make sure all orders are filled in a timely manner.

What is your lead time for samples?

24 to 48 hours.

How do I check on the status of my order to get a freight charge?

Email our service desk at or call at 1-888-888-TAPE.

I don’t see my question here. Who do I ask?

Send us a message here, or you can email our service desk at or call at 1-888-888-TAPE.

Capital helped me provide a new solution at a long time customer.  Together we landed  a significant piece of business that opened up a whole new product line.

Robert J.

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